Email us
To let us know you intend to divorce. We will want to know what your partner knows of your intentions and we will look with you how to start this process.

Both you and your partner will want to meet the mediator at his or her offices. You will want to know if there is a click with the mediator, what is expected of you, how long this process will take and what are the costs. The mediator will let you know all of these.

Mediation Process
The average mediation between expats will take between 5 and 8 sessions spread out over a period of 3 to 6 months. Most mediation sessions last about 2 hours, in some cases they can be longer depending on the type of issues being discussed.

End result
At the end the mediator will make an agreement to divorce, this will be filed by a lawyer in the courts in Holland and a decree of divorce will be granted. In some cases especially with foreign pensions separate applications have to be made to courts in other lands for pension sharing orders in order for the pension funds to be able to act to release monies. In some cases the Dutch divorce will have to be registered abroad.